Here are some of the benefits of membership:

  • Free copies of an award winning quarterly journal "Postal History"
  • Regular all-day meetings held in London and the provinces
  • Books published by the Society and other organisations at discounted prices
  • Assistance with the publication of members' research
  • Access to an extensive library of reference works
  • Annual Conference where members see leading collections and exchange information and socialise
  • Annual auction where you can both dispose of, and acquire, interesting items
  • The chance to meet and correspond, both on your particular interests, and to learn more about new topics from experts in a wide range of subjects

How to join

Current membership for the first six months of the year is running at 240 within the UK supported by 75 overseas members showing an increase of 7 compared to the same period last year.

As with every society our membership reflects a wide range of experience and collecting interests covering the whole gamut of postal history. What new members will find is the willingness of everyone to share their knowledge and there is considerable networking within the group devoted to the free interchange of information.

Written applications for membership should be supported by the signatures of two current members or two referees (e.g. Secretary or Chairman of a Philatelic Society, Philatelic Trader) and accompanied by the current subscription.

To join the Postal History Society please download the application form in Acrobat (pdf) format or Word format here. The Acrobat format document will appear in another browser window, from which you then have the opportunity to save it onto your hard drive. The Word format document will dowload directly onto your hard drive.

Societies and Institutions with similar interests may be admitted to membership for the receipt of one copy of each issue of the Society Journal.

All applications for membership are submitted to the Council of the Society for consideration and the Council has the sole right to approve or decline any application.

A record of members' names, addresses, subscription details and interests is stored electronically for the sole purpose of Society business and will not be used for commercial purposes or given to third parties.

In order that we can communicate with you, we have to ensure that the record is accurate and up-to-date. To that end, it would be appreciated if members would notify the Society when there has been any change of circumstances.

If you need further information please contact our membership secretary, Barry Hobbs, who will be able to help you. The address to write to is:

PHS Membership Secretary, 23 Greenways Rise, Wimborne, Dorset BH21 1HZ, UK.


  • U.K. residents: 1 year £24; 3 years £66; 5 years £110
  • European residents: 1 year £27; 3 years £75; 5 years £125
  • Residents elsewhere: 1 year £30; 3 years £84; 5 years £140
  • Family membership: Add £5 to each year's subscription for every additional person i.e. £110 = £135 for two joint U.K. members for five years
  • Overseas applicants: Please pay subscriptions in pounds sterling at the rates shown. This means that the subscription amount in your local currency will vary depending on the exchange rate.