Event Reports


  • Meeting Report – London, 8th December 2018

    A successful all-day joint meeting with members of the Forces Postal History Society was held at the Union Jack Club. Some fine military displays by members of both societies were presented with a convivial lunch being taken at the ‘Auberge’.

    Displays from PHS members were:

    • Graham MarkGibraltar – Censorship & Censorship of Civil Mail in Egypt during WWI
    • Robin PizerBritish Occupation of the Rhineland (1919) & B.E.F. Airmail services (1918/19)
    • Gerald MarrinerBelgian Congo – WWII military mail
    • Richard FlemmingThe Wiltshire Regiment
    • John ScottOfficial mail having a military interest (including from the War Office)
    • Claire ScottDeath by Post
    • Tony StanforthMorocco Agencies & Tangier – WWI censorship & Italian forces in Turkey – WWI
    • Steve EllisHong Kong – WWI

    Mark Bailey and Graham Hardy also attended.

  • Meeting at Sherborne, Dorset 9th September 2018

  • PHS Meeting at York 19th July 2018

    21 PHS members attended the joint meeting with the RPSL Northern Group at York on 19 July. The following gave displays:

    • Bob Galland Black ‘Frees’
    • Robert McMillan Norwegian Whaling Mail
    • Peter Chadwick Local Posts of GB
    • Steve Ellis Franco-Prussian War
    • Susan Crewe Canton
    • Duncan Crewe Imperial Airways Forerunners
    • Neil Prior Klondike Gold Rush
    • Neil Ritchie First Issue of Ukraine 1918
    • Paul Latham-Warde Irish Hospitals’ Sweepstakes
    • Julian Tweed Express Mail in War Time
    • Richard Wheatley Italy WWI
    • Keith Brandon Mail between Britain & Austria 1830-70
    • Pat Campbell Hoster Machine Cancellations 1882-93
    • Michael Waugh British Mail to Overseas before UPU
    • Brian Peace Austrian Mail Robberies
    • Gerald Marriner Channel Islands German Invasion
    • Graham Mark Private Mail between Waring Nations in WWI
    • Graham Booth Transatlantic Late Fees

    The following members also attended, Greg Spring, Yvonne Wheatley and Colin French.

    Steve Ellis, Convenor

    A few snaps:


  • Wednesday 7th May
    PHS Meeting - Salisbury

    Nineteen brave souls met on a showery day broken by bouts of intermittent sunshine. We were greeted with coffee and a jam doughnut, the latter being generously donated by Steve Evans – many thanks even if it doesn’t quite meet with my doctor’s recommended dietary requirements. Heigh-ho, weakness is such fun!!!

    Alan Wood kindly started the day with a 90 page showing of “French Postal History”, a really memorable display with the first item dated late 15th century. France is the one country that Alan admits to collecting, which, as usual, is manifestly understated by him. This is truly a cracking collection the like of which would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to replicate. It is Part 1, the second half to be exhibited later in the year at Salisbury.

    John Campbell showed Bulgaria, a country that most of us have never seen displayed before. Its history and postal developments were explained in a most interesting way. This was followed by Trevor Buckell and Colin Faers, who choose to show aero philately. Trevor gave us an insight into the trials of a very short lived New York to Buenos Aires private air line, which came up against the might and unfair competition of a rival, who later turned out to be one of the market leaders in North America. Colin’s two frames were of the Brazilian Varig Company and its little known early in-land routes.

    Steve Evans was persuaded to open up a very large ancient deed and asked for help from the audience on how best to research it. It has resided rather ignominiously in his garage for the last thirty years. You see, we do eventually get around to those long discarded items that we promise ourselves to do something about even though there is the small matter of the passage of time. Brian Cropp’s display was slightly melancholic as one could not help feel sorry for the Channel Islanders forcibly removed to Europe, writing but a few lines to their folk back home. David Ashby had a remarkable collection of letters from six generations of his family all of whom had been in the Royal Navy. Amazingly this collection was assembled from family archives as well as letters written by descendants bought on the open market.

    Lunch was served at “The Old Mill” with the normal banter induced by the odd glass and the friendly atmosphere of their dining room.

    Steve Jarvis began the afternoon’s display with “Jamaican Mail 1858-1860” covering both internal and incoming mail; David Winnie showed the development of one Guernsey post office, Forrest, and its various cancellers. He was followed by Wilf Vevers, who choose mail to and from H.M.S. Exeter including her engagement in the battle of the River Plate.

    Claire Scott gave a very colourful presentation of Brunei and its instructional marks; Prue Henderson showed a postcard display of the destruction of French villages in WW1 and then John Scott showed examples of fabrics sent as samples thro’ the post. Claire transmogrified before our very eyes into our President Hugh Feldman and thanked all present. Hugh unfortunately could not attend as he was just returning from a selling trip to the U.S.A. Unfortunately he took ill whilst there and so we wish him a speedy return to full health.

    The final presentations were of Bickerdike Machine Cancellations by Pat Campbell followed by a delightful showing of a theme new to Dane Garrod entitled “Karoline Schrotta from Vienna”. A rather poignant tale of a Jewish lady married to a Catholic Austrian with two children but caught up in the Holocaust. Divorced and left to fend for herself, she somehow made it to England. On arrival she avoided being sent to detention centre and then managed to live a full and rewarding life to the age of 94. Her father, mother and sisters unfortunately were less lucky having all perished in the Nazi death camps.

    The meeting ended at around 4 o’clock and some of us reconvened in a local restaurant to go onwards without fear and trepidation to a meeting of the Salisbury Philatelic Society. I guess it would be fair to say, by the end of the day, we were all stamped out.


  • Saturday 8th June

    The Society had a Stand at this very successful stamp show and is pleased to advise of a duly signed-up, new member, Steve Evans. He collects The Additional Scottish Halfpenny and loves to research the individual letters. His more recent find is correspondence to one of the participants in the last duel fought in Scotland, about which he has found a book devoted solely to this subject. It’s interesting to note that he paid all of 1d for this wonderful tome with £2.80 delivery charge. Could be a thrifty man? Anyway we offer you a hearty welcome to the Society.

  • Saturday 25th May
    Nature in Art - Gloucester

    Held in a lovely setting with free access to a local art exhibition, how could it be anything other than successful? It was generously hosted by David Trapnell, who provided us with a really nice day with some very high quality displays. The only interruption was a splendid al fresco buffet lunch, which of course was aided by the odd glass of wine - really delightful. See full report »